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We help you Get Ready for Digital TV

Tired of Bad Reception Issues?

Do you want someone to check your TV signal for reception issues
Luke's Antennas has the experience and the tools to assist people who face TV signal and connection issues whether they be in new houses or older properties. We will get your TV working smoothly again in no time!

There can be a variety of reasons for your antenna not receiving Channel 10 Reception Issuesgood tv signals in Melbourne including:

  • Cables and fly leads that are old, damaged or not plugged in properly
  • A TV or set-top box that isn’t tuned corectly
  • An aerial / antenna that isn’t up to scratch or isn’t pointing to the correct transmitter
  • Living in an area with deficient coverage or fringe reception
  • Trying to receive signals from outside the intended coverage area of a transmitter.

If you can't get a clear picture or any signal at all on your TV, leave it to the professionals at Lukes Antennas. Contact us and we will gladly come to your home and fix your reception problems.

We can help with an antenna upgrade to improve your reception and to help you gain access to more channels. If your antenna has become faulty, we can install a replacement antenna and get your tv reception working again in no time!

Antenna Testing and Troubleshooting

With 10 years experience in the field, Lukes Antennas provides the highest quality service when it comes to TV and reception fault finding, digital aerial / antenna installation, home theatre installations and custom wall mounted TV's.Lukes Antennas Signal Check for Channel 10

We service all over the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

Whatever we do for you, you can rest assured that we take pride in our work meaning hassle-free testing service.
Using the latest in diagnostic and terrestrial digital testers and signal analysers, Lukes Antennas keeps ahead of the game by constantly updating training, knowledge of the latest innovations, products and techniques available, TV technology and capabilities.

We not only can fix your tv reception or static issues, we also provide a range of digital signal services including:

  • TV Signal check
  • Commercial TV broadcast, setup, testing and fault finding
  • Realign / Reposition your Antenna or aerial
  • Industrial Cabling
  • Satellite installation, monitoring and fault finding
  • Signal Issues, Phase 3 interruption and analysing
  • Installation of new TVs, recorders, pay TV networking, 3D and smart TV specialist
  • Wall mounting monitors / TVs and home theatre expert
  • A Grade Electrician available

Contact Lukes Antennas today for a free quote for your TV Reception issues and any other antenna related problems!

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